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Vienna Public Transport

Vienna has a well-developed public transport network. Buses, trains, trams and underground lines will take you almost anywhere in the city in no time at all. Vienna public transport Wiener Linien operates five underground lines, 30 tram and 83 bus lines, of which 23 are night lines. Night lines only operate between 0:30 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. The Wiener Linien vehicle fleet currently consists of ove 500 tramcars and almost 500 buses.

Vienna public transport is part of the Verkehrsverbund Ost-Region VOR (transport association for Austria's eastern regions). Verkehrsverbund Ost-Region is split into eight zones and includes parts of Lower Austria, the Burgenland and all of Vienna. The city of Vienna accounts for one full zone or core zone (Kernzone or "Zone 100"). A single ticket is valid for travelling one way in one zone. You may change to different lines in the course, but you may not interrupt your journey. Single tickets can be purchased at a price of 1.80.

Where to buy a ticket

Validated tickets can be used for all public transport in the core zone. Tickets are available at ticket machines at most underground stations or at points of advance sale. Tobacconists also sell tickets. You may also purchase a ticket on board the bus or tram at an increased rate of 2,20 per ticket.


Apart from single tickets there are passes for longer periods of time. Passes are available for 24 hours and 72 hours, or as weekly, monthly or annual passes.

We recommend the

The 8-day Climate Ticket

€ 28,80 in the Vienna Transport Authority´s ticket offices, tabacconists, ticket machines

or the

72hour Ticket

€ 13,60 in the Vienna Transport Authority´s ticket offices, tabacconists, ticket machines

or the

24hour Ticket

€ 5,70 in the Vienna Transport Authority´s ticket offices, tabacconists, ticket machines

depending on how long your stay lasts.

How to validate your ticket

Tickets must be validated before boarding. To validate your ticket stamp the ticket at the blue machines located at the entrance of underground stations as well as on buses and trams. Tickets bought directly from the tram or bus driver are automatically validated and need not be stamped again.

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Transportation to and from your hotel:


Transportation to and from your hotel and the International Airport is most convenient using the City-Airport-Train of Vienna. The CAT is the City-Airport-Train of Vienna and a comfortable connection between the Airport and the Passenger terminal in the centre of Vienna. If you would like to learn more about the service and/or view their schedules, you may wish to visit their web-site at: www.cityairporttrain.at.

Alternatively, you can catch the shuttle bus to the citycentre. It is 5,80 Euro for a one way ticket, you can take up to three pieces of luggage. Or, you just take the S7 line to Wien Mitte. This is the Schnellbahn (a fast subway). See small map of the transportation facilities at the airport: http://cache.virtualtourist.com/1/862705-by_airplane_to_Vienna-Vienna.jpg



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